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Maddison Pezzelle, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia

Maddison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in psychodynamic / attachment based psychotherapy. She works with clients to establish a collaborative therapy process where individuals can safely and authentically explore thoughts, feelings, and life experiences. She encourages understanding of how the past and present interact to form beliefs about ourselves and others. Her approach is conversational and flexible, where individual interests, humor, and art/pop culture are a welcomed part of the therapy process. Sessions often include understanding relationship dynamics, encouraging self-care/acceptance, and building confidence for self-advocacy towards boundaries, communication, and grounding & coping skills. She enjoys incorporating accessible forms of mindfulness and “Brain stuff” into therapy based on individual curiosity or interest.

Maddison works with young adult and adult clients ages 18+ of all genders who experience anxiety, depression, self-harm, and symptoms of PTSD/complex PTSD. She is trained and knowledgeable in working with dissociative and trauma spectrum disorders as well as mood and anxiety disorders. She has experience working in multiple settings including inpatient, partial hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient (PHP/IOP) settings.

Maddison earned her master’s degree from Columbia University School of Social Work and interned at The Center For Post Traumatic and Dissociative Disorder in Washington, D.C. Various employments in mental health provided her with reverence for the healing process and encouraged her to continue to apply her experiences towards advocacy for trauma-informed care. Maddison enjoys making time to connect with friends, nature, and Netflix. She appreciates a good cup of coffee and encourages involvement in activities that bring comfort, joy, and balance to one’s life.

If you’re looking for a therapist, Maddison is Good Company!