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For many, attending therapy appointments in person has long been a barrier to accessing treatment, whether this is due to a lack of appropriate providers in their immediate area, difficulty with transportation, or simply not having enough time in their day to drive to therapy. At Good Company Therapy Group, we offer our same high-quality, trauma-centered psychotherapy services virtually via a HIPAA-compliant video platform.

What to expect during teletherapy

Based on your individual needs,  you will meet virtually with the same clinician at regular intervals that are mutually agreed upon between you and your therapist. This consistent therapeutic relationship is designed to foster trust and create a safe space for you to delve into your emotions, patterns, relationships, and behaviors from the past. By connecting these insights to your present experiences, actions, and reactions, we aim to empower you in crafting the future you envision for yourself. 

Telehealth is currently available to residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Please inquire about whether telehealth is right for you.